All load bearing, ultra-energy efficient, meeting the toughest codes, ThermaSteel's patented steel and EPS bonding technology results in the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other type of SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) requiring no sheathing for its stability.  Our composite panels are made of a pantented bonding technology with a complete thermal break between the interior and exterior.  They are exceptionally strong, light, and energy-efficient.  Every panel provides structure, vapor barrier, insulation, and sheathing - all in one efficient labor-saving step.

Panels are pre-manufactured in our facility and arrives on-site ready for assembly like big building blocks.  Every project includes a complete set of shop drawings signed and sealed by the project's Engineer and Architect. 

Once tracks are placed, an average installer will install about 4 panels per hour with a very fast learning curve (4 hours typically).  With an average of 40 sqf per panel, that is an estimated 160 sqf of wall per hour.  Since panels arrives on site with an electrical chase, a complete thermal break and does not require OSB or other sheathing, with one hour of labor you have 160 sqf of structure, 160 sqf of sheathing, 160 sqf of vapor barrier and 160 sqf of insulation all installed by one person.  ThermaSteel enables 1 tradesmen to do the work of 4 in one simple step.  The result is tremendous time savings and that translates to cost savings!

ThermaSteel's patented bonding technology joins light-gauge steel together with non-igniting EPS into one composite structure delivering a stronger, lighter wall system which installs faster and provides structural framing, insulation, sheathing and vapor barrier all in one step.

Every panel is a shear wall.  Placing the studs with the strong direction parallel to the wall enhances shear capacity.  Every four studs are framed together with two to five horizontal bracings.  Then with a proprietary technology the EPS is molded over the frame, fully bracing the studs and preventing it from buckling.  Practically, every panel is a shear wall.  Now double the number of studs to eight in every panel (4 studs in every frame) and add a thermal break, and you have ThermaSteel!

The result is a double-strong wall with a super shear capacity, thermally broken, weighing on average 45 lbs. 

The combined advantages of light-weight panels, ultra-high insulating properties and strength makes ThermaSteel panels ideal for cold storage applications, mid-rise, hotels, assisted living facilities and even curtain walls on high rise building or as infill.  ThermaSteel panels can support multi-story loads. 

ThermaSteel's technology eliminates thermal bridging and with 58% increased air tightness, raises effective thermal performance.  ThermaSteel's effective R35 to R49 allows you to:

These advantages reduce initial construction costs and long-term energy bills by 2/3 and lower maintenance costs of the system.  While this amount may look insignificant on a single-family house, when adding the units needed for a hotel or an assisted living facility this translates to 2-5% Return over investment (ROI).  Adding the total area (sqf) of the building envelope times the cost to build it, savings multiply when building with ThermaSteel.

While some building projects use open-cell materials, our closed-cell technology eliminates moisture absorption, increases structural strength, reduces air infiltration, lowers perm rate and reduces sound transfer.  All performing better than most SIP and open-cell methods.  When temperature declines, open-cell materials contract, meaning their energy efficiency is negatively impacted.  With our closed-cell technology, thermal performance is immune to temperature cycles allowing ThermaSteel to maintain effective R-values for its entire lifetime; roughly 400 years!  ThermaSteel uses M77B EPS type which does not ignite.  Every bag of raw materials arrives with a UL certification.  In addition, closed-cell technology is a stronger structure making it a good application for impact absorption, seismic desing, hurrican, and ballistic applications.  And of course our low perm ratio, even when exposed in the ground. 

There are gaps of 16" between the studs allowing the sound to flow freely.  The Sound Transmittance Coefficient (STC) is dependent upon the density and type of insulation in-between the studs.  In other words, in conventional framing the thermal insulation is dictating the sound insulation.  ThermaSteel panels are designed to provide high acoustic performance independently from thermal performance.  While wood studs are better at low frequency, consider that:

A standard 5.5" wall with one layer of sheathing 5/8" thick on both sides of the panel will provide acoustic performance in excess of STC 45.  Increasing the EPS density to 1.5 pcf will increase the acoustical performance over STC 50.

All panels come ready with all rough openings including an electrical chase and all required accessories (headers, jacks, kings, plates, screws, etc.) reducing labor and saving time on site.

What about electrical and plumbing? 

ThermaSteel is providing the entire building envelope from one prefabricated facility.  Saving costs of designers, shipping, coordination and labor.  Panels are effectively performing as the structure, sheathing, vapor barrier and insulation all in one panel, reducing 4 trades into 1.  Eliminating dumpsters and excessive materials from the construction site.